UPFI Pro solves liquidity problems, LP. We offer it instead as a service bond, at a small discount.

For traditional methods, users will use LP to farm to receive rewards, But UPFI Pro will help users exchange LP for tokens with a stable discount, this process we call bonding.

STEP 1: When accessing the link: https://pro.upfi.network/

The user will see the bond interface, and its properties. Please connect your Solana wallet. You should get LP token by click โ€œdeposit liquidityโ€ of hyperlink word ( need to connect your wallet in advance). The link will direction to add liquidity of Raydium website.

STEP 2: Then, click 'Bond'. Enter however amount you like to bond and click 'Bond'. When the price is volatile, you can use 'Max Slippage' in Setting to protect yourself from receiving a different price for bonds than intended.

You have successfully bonded your LP in exchange for reward (vested for 5 days). token reward is released linearly over the course of 5 days hence you may claim partially whenever.

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