UPFI - Lucky No Loss

To participate in this bonus prediction, users will bet with xUP or UPFI, then will receive game points back. All players bet the same amount of tokens, and get the same amount of points back. Points have no monetary value, are not displayed on the wallet, but are displayed in the UPFI world program. Users will use points to predict event outcomes to increase initial score (ROI).

ROI will be calculated by comparing the original number of points with the amount of points you currently have. After the pool ends, UPFI world is based on top ROI, or ROI threshold to determine the winner (each pool will have a certain rule). Players can join multiple pools at the same time, but the points and rewards for each pool are not transferable.

At the end of the pool, players will get their entire xUP or UPFI deposit back, regardless of their ROI.


Here we show a list of pools that including: name, pool time and token type deposited. Choose a pool with active status to join.

Choose Events

Each pool is required to have a fixed amount of staking tokens, and users will receive the same amount of points in return for participating in predicting pool events. Each wallet can only bet 1 time, UPFI world Points provided have no monetary value, exchange, transfer, do not appear on the wallet. At the end of the pool, the user will get back the staked tokens. The user connects to his wallet, then presses the "Enter competition" button to place a bet. After deposit a bet, you will receive points to participate in the event.

The event lists will be displayed here, each pool will have a certain number of events. You select the event to see more details and predict it.

Next to the event list is the ROI leaderboard. This is a list of the top 20 wallets with the highest ROI in the pool. Based on this list combined with some pool conditions to find the winner.

Opening a Position

In the event, there are 2 status items Yes and No. Users bet points on the prediction of the event, the form also includes information to calculate the total score of all users who have bet, the percentage of points received if you win. For example you predict with 100 points and the winning estimate is 119 points, if you guess correctly you will get 19 points plus 100 points for prediction, if you guess wrong you will lose 100 points predicted.

Note: once predicted, the information cannot be edited, but the user can predict both Yes and No at the same time, predicting multiple times. Once the event closes, you cannot predict further.

Event result

When the event has the result, if you predict correctly, you can get the top score from the event screen and press the "claim win" button. Then your ROI will be updated on Leaderboard.

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