🧑‍🌾Farms, pools and vaults

Users can farm UPS by providing liquidity and depositing their LP tokens on UPFI.network's own website. These farms are not auto-compounding, however the next pool may offer auto-compounding farming options as well. All of the following liquidity farming pools are 50%-50% ratio UPS farming pools. There are no locked rewards with any of the pools.

*Rules for Harvesting

  1. When the number of tokens you harvest from Farming pool exceeds 0.02% of total supply (> 200K tokens), fees will be charged according to the following thresholds:

0.02% of total supply: fee is 1% value of total transaction

0.03% of total supply: fee is 2% value of total transaction

0.05% of total supply: fee is 3% value of total transaction

0.1% of total supply : fee is 5% value of total transaction

0.5% of total supply : fee is 7% value of total transaction

1% of total supply : fee is 10% value of total transaction

2. This fee will be returned to the Treasury.

3. Here are reasons why we have to charge high fee for high amount transactions:

  • To ensure the safety of the system and the community

  • The CAP is low, so it will be necessary to limit the "bad" sharks/VCs that discharge heavily and affect the price & system

  • Mechanisms and indicators may change by the consensus of the Governance staking community later

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