Here is the guideline to join our Mainnet

Step 1: You need to have a SPL wallet (Sollet, Phantom, Solfare, Solong, MathWallet, Ledger, Coin98 Wallet)

Step 2: Connect your wallet to our website

Minting faucet: Go to the Mint tab

Redeem faucet:

Farming pools:

Pool 1: UPFI-USDC liquidity pool

Go to the Farms interface, click Deposit liquidity to create the UPFI-USDC pool: Type the amount that you want to add liquidity and click β€œConfirm”

After that, you could click on the Stake button

After the Staking step is confirmed, now you will receive the $UPS token rewards

You could harvest your $UPS token. If you want to receive USDC and UPFI back, unstake and withdraw liquidity.

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