Here is the guideline to join our Mainnet
Step 1: You need to have a SPL wallet (Sollet, Phantom, Solfare, Solong, MathWallet, Ledger, Coin98 Wallet)
Step 2: Connect your wallet to our website app.upfi.network
Minting faucet: Go to the Mint tab
You will need USDC, UPS and Sol for gas fee. Here you could use UPS and USDC to mint UPFI Token
Redeem faucet:
You could redeem $USDC and $UPS from $UPFI token by Redeeming features
Farming pools:
Pool 1: UPFI-USDC liquidity pool
Go to the Farms interface, click Deposit liquidity to create the UPFI-USDC pool: Type the amount that you want to add liquidity and click “Confirm”
After that, you could click on the Stake button
After the Staking step is confirmed, now you will receive the $UPS token rewards
You could harvest your $UPS token. If you want to receive USDC and UPFI back, unstake and withdraw liquidity.