No-Loss Competitions

To enter a No-Loss Competition, stake UPFI and/or xUP and receive that competition’s Game Points in return. Game Points have no monetary value and are required to participate in competitions (Game Points are program-owned and won't appear in your wallet; your point balance will be displayed on the platform). Correctly predict a market's outcome to earn a return on investment (ROI); all market rewards are claimed and paid out in Game Points. As you accumulate Game Points, your competition ROI will increase. ROI is calculated by comparing your initial Game Point holdings with your current holdings. You can participate in multiple competitions, but activity and rewards are contained within each competition and are not transferrable.

At the end of the competition, all participants regain access to the full amount of UPFI and xUP they originally staked, regardless of their performance. All of the yield generated from these deposits goes back to users in the form of a competition prize pool, which is paid out to those who finish at the top of the competition’s ROI Leaderboard.

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