How do I bond ?

In the example below, we will be showing you how to buy bonds. We will be using UPFI for demonstration purposes. Feel free to bond with any available assets and amount you feel comfortable.

  • Connect your wallet and choose Solana devnet from your wallet

  • Click 'Bond' for UPFI. Keep in mind, you can bond any asset you like.

    • You should get UPFI by click faucet ( need to connect your wallet in advance)

    • You can get SOL for gas fee at then enter SPL address account and click Devnet

  • Enter however amount you like to bond and click 'Bond'. When the price is volatile, you can use 'Max Slippage' in Setting to protect yourself from receiving a different price for bonds than intended.

  • Voilà! You have successfully bonded your UPFI in exchange for UPS (vested for 5 days).

    UPS is released linearly over the course of 5 days hence you may claim partially whenever.

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