How do I stake?

In the example below, we will be showing you how to stake UPS. Feel free to stake any amount you like.
  • Head over to https://app.upfi.network/governance (Please double check that this is the correct link!)
  • Connect your wallet
  • Enter the number of UPS & lockting time you want to stake. Make sure you have sufficient UPS to stake and SOL to transaction fee.
    • Note: You can choose to lock in UPS between at least 7 days and up to 2 years. The longer you stake UPS, the more xUP you will get.
  • Voilà! You have successfully staked your UPS. Now watch it compound and grow.
    • Note:
      • You can claim xUP reward anytime
      • You can increase locking time or UPS balance to get more xUP (only be used for 1 tab for 1 time.)
      • Stake xUP and xUP balance rebases up automatically at the end of every block

How to Unstake

  1. 1.
    Go to the https://app.upfi.network/governance . Select the "Unstake" tab.
  2. 2.
    Click "Approve" and sign the transaction.
  3. 3.
    After the "Approve" transaction has been processed successfully, click "Unstake" and sign the transaction.
  • Note:
    • The "Approve" transaction is only needed when staking/unstaking for the first time; subsequent staking/unstaking only requires you to perform the "Stake" or "Unstake" transaction.
    • Unstaking xUP before the lock-in period ends incurs an early exit penalty of 50% both Reward and staked UPS