First of all, you need to lock the UPS to get xUP reward to play the mini-game at here . You can choose to lock in UPS between at least 7 days and up to 2 years. The longer you stake UPS, the more xUP you will get.
Step 1: You need to have a SPL wallet (Sollet, Phantom, Solfare, Solong, MathWallet, Ledger, Coin98 Wallet)
Step 2: Connect your wallet to our website https://play.upfiworld.io/
Step 3: Get xUP: click get xUP to transfer xUP reward from Stake (Governance)
Get xUP from Staking
Step 4: choose the number of tickets you want to buy
Step 5: the Ticket will be generated 4 numbers randomly
You can see total reward today and reward for each prize
Mini-game schedule
  • Tickets on sale at: 17:00 UTC of the previous day
  • Ticket sales will end at: 11:00 UTC
  • Winner announcement at: 15:00 UTC
you can check if you won the lucky ticket and claim the xUP reward any time. You could click on the lucky numbers to see if the block number is correct on the Solana chain.
Tickets that match the 4 numbers in any order
If you want to witdraw UPS to your wallet, please claim/unstake from Staking.