Mini game

Our mini game, be the first mini game in the UPFI World, allowing the player to generate 4 numbers randomly, pay for the ticket and win the prize. One ticket costs only 20 xUP !

The uniqueness of our mini game also comes from the possibility to win prizes with the winning numbers in no particular order. If the user bought the ticket for 1,2,3,4 and the winning numbers are 2,1,4,3 then it wins the prize! This means you can match the winning combination with the four numbers in any order!

Mini game will use block number in Solana chain for the generation of provably fair random lottery numbers to ensure maximum fairness, and user can check them on Solana chain anytime.

There will be draws daily. The results will be published the same day at 15:00 UTC.

Daily mini-game schedule:

  • Tickets on sale at: 17:00 UTC of the previous day

  • Ticket sales will end at: 11:00 UTC

  • Third Prize will be drawn at: 12:00 UTC

  • Second place will be drawn at: 13 UTC

  • First prize will be drawn at: 14:00 UTC

  • Winner announcement at: 15:00 UTC

Where can you get xUP from ?

You get xUP from Staking (Governance) to Mini Game (Upfi World) to play the game.

If you are the winner, please claim the reward as soon as possible, the reward will be burned after 30 days if you don't claim it.

When you unstake or claim from Staking, you will receive both xUP from Staking and UPFI World.

Ticket price

  • 20 xUP per ticket, max 10 tickets per player

  • Players generate 4 numbers randomly

Reward pool

Total xUP players who have purchased tickets will be rewarded daily as follows:

  • 80% of pool size will be rewared to winners. If any of the prizes do not have a winner, they will be used to increase the prize pool for the next round.

    • 1st prize: 50% pool size

    • 2nd prize: 20% pool size

    • 3rd prize: 10% pool size

    • The prize will be divided equally if there are multiple winners in the same numbers.

  • 20% is tax game that applied on the pool size , which is burned daily.

Winning combinations

  • First prize : Tickets that match the 4 numbers in any order of block number at 14:00 UTC

  • Second prize : Tickets that match the 4 numbers in any order of block number at 13:00 UTC

  • Third prize : Tickets that match the 4 numbers in any order of block number at 12:00 UTC


Let's take an example with real numbers and assume that the prize pool is 1,000,000 xUP tokens. The mini-game round outcome (winning numbers) as follows :

  • First prize : 1,9,5,3

  • Second prize : 4,5,7,2

  • Third prize : 1,0,5,5

There are 6 winners in total this round (winning numbers are highlighted)

  • 1 first prize winner!

    • Winner's ticket numbers: 1,3,5,9

  • 3 second prize winner

    • Winner 1 ticket numbers: 2,4,7,2

    • Winner 2 ticket numbers: 4,5,7,2

    • Winner 3 ticker numbers: 4,5,2,7

  • 2 third prize winner

    • Winner 1 ticket numbers: 1,5,0,5

    • Winner 2 ticket numbers: 5,5,1,0

A tax rate of 20% is applied to the prize pool. That is 20% of 1M xUP which equals 200k xUP. The net prize pool is then 800,000 xUP tokens (1,000,000 minus 200,000 tax), distributed to winners as follows:

  • 1 firt prize winner: 50% of 800k = 400k xUP

  • 3 second prize winners : 20% of 800k = 160k xUP = 53.3k xUP each

  • 2 third prize winners : 10% of 800k = 80k xUP= 40k xUP each

The 200,000 xUP applied as tax, will be burned.

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