It is not really a roadmap as it is a to-do list with no particular order or timeline. We also believe in being adaptable and quick to market demands and changes. The most crucial action that shapes the course of life is the change.

Upcoming products and features:

Basic function

  • Home dashboard
  • Minting & redeeming
  • Farming & staking
  • UX improved

TGE event

  • Airdrop program
  • Devnet launch
  • Audit
  • UPS token
Release Product
  • Stable Swap
  • Staking
  • Bonding
  • DAO
  • Synthetic asset
  • Lending & borrowing

Other products

  • UPFI World (Social Metaverse)
  • Cross-chain
  • Expansion to more DEXes and CEXes

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